Stock Review: Darktrace ($DRKTF)

"Darktrace: Guarding the Digital Fortress, One AI-Powered Hack at a Time"


Stock Reviews: Darktrace ($DRKTF)

Forget the stuffy cybersecurity firms of old – Darktrace is rewriting the rules with its bold, AI-driven approach to threat detection. This UK-based cybersecurity powerhouse is on a mission to keep the digital bad guys at bay, and they’re doing it with a flair that would make James Bond proud. From its humble beginnings in 2013 to its current status as an industry disruptor, Darktrace has carved out a formidable presence in the rapidly evolving world of enterprise security.

Founded by a group of Cambridge mathematicians and former intelligence agency operatives, Darktrace was born out of the realization that traditional security solutions were simply no match for the ever-evolving tactics of cyber criminals. Recognizing the need for a more proactive, intelligent approach, the company set out to develop a revolutionary AI-based platform that could detect and respond to threats in real-time.


Fast-forward to today, and Darktrace’s cutting-edge solutions span everything from email security to industrial control systems protection, making it a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes looking to safeguard their digital assets. With a growing customer base, impressive revenue growth, and a recent FedRAMP certification to bolster its public sector ambitions, Darktrace is poised to continue its ascent as a force to be reckoned with in the ever-changing landscape of cybersecurity.

The Lowdown 🤔


Rating: Hold

Star Rating:  ⭐⭐⭐✨ (3.5 out of 5 stars)


Key Facts

  • Market Cap: $4.84 billion
  • Industry: Cybersecurity
  • Recent Stock Price: $7.57
  • 52-Week Range: $3.68 – $7.60

What’s Hot 🔥


  • Impressive revenue growth, with a 31% surge in FY2023
  • Steady gross margins, hovering around 89% in recent periods
  • Expansion into the lucrative government sector with FedRAMP certification
  • Growing customer base, with an 18% increase in FY2023
  • Potential for growth acceleration as the company’s new go-to-market strategy gains traction


What’s Not ❄️


  • Concerns around the company’s accounting practices and connections to past controversies
  • Challenges in translating strong revenue growth into substantial profitability
  • Ongoing competition in the crowded cybersecurity landscape
  • Uncertainty around the long-term sustainability of the company’s growth trajectory
  • Potential headwinds from a weaker macroeconomic environment

The Tea 🍵


Darktrace has continued to impress with its top-line performance, reporting a 31% surge in revenue to $533 million in fiscal year 2023. The company’s annual recurring revenue (ARR) also saw a robust 30% increase, reaching $628.4 million. This growth was underpinned by an 18% expansion in the customer base and a 9.5% rise in ARR per customer, showcasing the company’s ability to land and expand its foothold within its client base.

One of the key drivers behind Darktrace’s recent success has been the company’s revised go-to-market (GTM) strategy, which has enabled it to target larger enterprise accounts and enhance its channel sales efforts. The hiring of seasoned industry veterans, such as Denise Walter as Chief Revenue Officer and Chris Kozup as Chief Marketing Officer, has further bolstered the company’s ability to navigate the complex sales process involved in securing deals with larger organizations.

Moreover, Darktrace’s achievement in attaining FedRAMP High certification has opened up significant opportunities for the company to penetrate the lucrative government sector, particularly among larger agencies. This accreditation not only demonstrates the robustness of Darktrace’s solutions but also serves as a stamp of approval that can help the company gain traction with risk-averse public sector clients.

However, the company’s journey has not been without its challenges. Darktrace has faced persistent questions about its accounting practices and historical connections to past controversies, which have cast a shadow of uncertainty over the business. Additionally, while the company has delivered impressive revenue growth, it has struggled to translate this into substantial profitability, with net profit margins remaining stubbornly low.

YOLO or No-Go? 💸


Darktrace’s performance in recent quarters has been promising, with the company’s revised GTM strategy and FedRAMP certification positioning it for potential growth acceleration. The cybersecurity industry’s robust demand backdrop and the company’s relatively attractive valuation compared to peers make it a tempting proposition for investors.

However, the lingering concerns around Darktrace’s accounting practices and its ability to consistently convert revenue into meaningful profits remain significant hurdles. While the company’s growth trajectory appears compelling, the risk-reward profile may not be compelling enough for more conservative investors.

For those with a higher risk appetite and a longer-term investment horizon, Darktrace could be a worthy consideration, particularly if the company can address the transparency issues and demonstrate a stronger path to profitability. But for now, the prudent approach may be to adopt a ‘hold’ rating and monitor the company’s progress before committing significant capital. The cybersecurity space continues to offer ample opportunities, and Darktrace’s story may yet unfold in a more compelling manner.

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