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    Wassup!! I been in this group a little over a month and already feel like I've been maximizing my potential. I originally assumed I'd make just some money with trading the stock market but then I started applying what the admin showed me to crypto as well and I've been shooting 9/10 ever since. If you're on the fence or curious how the community can help you listen to my words and take the leap! It's like on the limitless pill! Every single trade I should make comes clear! On top of that everyone is so helpful and supportive. We're really a family in here! Come join us. We're waiting to embrace you!


    I love the "Vibe" of this group, the Admin Crew is top-notch! They have all been ridiculously helpful and patient. It speaks to their professionalism. You guys are awesome and I'm glad that I found you all, Thank You!


    Worth every penny! I got the full 12month academy bundle. I was nervous to make the investment because It's the most I've ever spent on a program, but it's already been worth it & we're just getting warmed up. In my opinion, if you don't get monies worth it's because you didn't utilize the tools & help provided, not because the value isn't there. Thank you cheaters!


    I joined about a month ago and in this short time I have come to understand more than I have on my own in the past 2 years from youtube videos and reading. Each of the admins in this group bring a unique perspective that allows for each individual to find understanding in the different areas of trading. I was new to the options, but in this short time, I've been able to find my own plays as I am learning and honing in on my style of trading.  These admins over deliver and take the time to provide individual attention to each member. My goal is generational wealth and I plan to have more of my family enrolled soon, even if I have to provide the initial fund for them to test drive this learning experience. Thank you Cheat Code!


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