“FARO’s ($FARO) Fate: Flop or Flip?”

"Measuring the odds of a pioneer 3D tech titan's comeback"


"FARO's Fate: Flop or Flip?"

Summary of Key Points:

  • FARO Technologies, once a $95/share company, now trades at just $16.05
  • Revenue declined 5% year-over-year in Q4 2023 to $98.8 million
  • The company is burning through over $50 million in cash annually
  • A restructuring plan aims to save $40-50 million per year
  • The global 3D scanning market is projected to grow at 13.11% CAGR until 2032
  • New CEO Peter Lau appointed in January 2024 to lead turnaround efforts
  • Analysts remain cautious, with most rating FARO as “Hold” or “Sell”

Imagine a company that quite literally measures the world around us – from scanning priceless artifacts to ensuring the precision of jet engines. Thats’s FARO!  Its 3D measurement stock soaring to $95 a share in 2021. Fast forward to 2024, and FARO Technologies is fighting for survival, its shares now worth just $16.05, making even the most seasoned investor’s head spin. This isn’t just a story of numbers – it’s a tale of a tech pioneer facing a make-or-break moment. But now, the company itself is being measured by a tough market. In the high-stakes arena of 3D measurement, FARO Technologies is scanning for a comeback that could redefine tech industry resilience. The question now is; ‘Can the wizard of 3D scanning conjure up a spectacular turnaround, or will it fade into oblivion in tech history?

So, grab your virtual measuring tape, and let’s size up FARO’s chances in the high-stakes game of tech industry survival and revival. Will it be a flop or a flip? The measurements are in, but the final verdict is still out. Let’s dive into the twists and turns of FARO’s rollercoaster ride.

The FARO Saga: From 3D Hero to Zero?

Picture this: It’s 1981, and FARO Technologies bursts onto the scene with tech that seems straight out of a sci-fi movie. Their 3D scanners and measurement tools quickly become the toast of industries from automotive to archaeology. Need to ensure every bolt on a spacecraft fits perfectly? FARO’s got you covered. Want to create a digital twin of the Statue of Liberty? FARO’s your go-to guy.

FARO’s Daylight Tech Nightmare:

Stock Performance: We’re talking a 76% nosedive over five years, from $66 in 2019 to $16.05 in 2024. Ouch!

Market Cap: Once a billion-dollar baby, FARO’s now worth just $306.53 million. That’s like going from penthouse to basement in the blink of an eye.

Revenue: Q4 2023 brought in $98.8 million, down 5% from the previous year. Not exactly the growth story investors dream about.

Recurring Revenue: At $17.4 million in Q4 2023, it’s only 18% of total sales. In the software world, that’s like bringing a knife to a gunfight.

Financial Health Check:

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Let’s peek under FARO’s financial hood:

Cash Position: $88.5 million as of Q2 2023. Sounds nice, but…

Debt: $90.3 million, giving a debt-to-equity ratio of ~26%. Not terrible, but not great either.

Cash Burn: Over $50 million a year. At this rate, FARO’s piggy bank could be empty faster than you can say “3D scan”.

Free Cash Flow: A worrying -$34.8 million (Trailing Twelve Months as of Q2 2023). Remember, cash is king, and right now, FARO’s kingdom is looking a bit cash-strapped.

These numbers paint a picture of a company that’s burning through cash faster than a 3D printer goes through plastic. It’s like watching a high-tech version of the Titanic, and investors are wondering if there are enough lifeboats.

FARO’s Survival Plan: Diet and Exercise

Realizing they needed to shape up or ship out, FARO’s bosses cooked up a plan in 2023. Think of it as a corporate version of “The Biggest Loser”:

  1. Trimming the Fat: They’re aiming to slim down by $40-50 million annually. How? By cutting jobs (always painful) and closing offices (goodbye, water cooler chats).
  1. Decluttering: They’re Marie Kondo-ing their product line. If it doesn’t spark joy (or profits), it’s out.
  1. Head in the Clouds: They’re betting big on their FARO Sphere platform. It’s a $22-28 million gamble on the cloud, because in 2024, if you’re not in the cloud, you’re nowhere.

The Jury’s Still Out


So, is FARO’s extreme makeover working? Well, the Wall Street judges are still deliberating:

Analyst Ratings: Mostly “Hold” or “Sell”. It’s like they’re watching a tightrope walker and can’t decide if they’ll make it across.

Short Interest: At 9.38%, it’s like there’s a group of people betting on the tightrope to snap.

Valuation Metrics: With a Price-to-Sales ratio of 0.8x compared to peer average of 21x, some think FARO might be the bargain of the century. Others think it’s cheap for a reason.

Before we write FARO off as yesterday’s news, let’s look at…

Potential upsides:


Growing Market: The 3D scanning world is expected to explode, growing over 13% each year until 2032, potentially hitting a whopping $65.79 billion. That’s a lot of 3D pies FARO could get its fingers into.

  1. New Sheriff in Town: In January 2024, FARO brought in Peter Lau as the new CEO. New blood can sometimes work miracles.
  2. Glimmers of Hope: Q4 2023 saw the non-GAAP gross profit margin improve to 52.5%, up 3.6% sequentially. It’s not a home run, but it’s a solid base hit.
  3. Insider Optimism: Corporate insiders bought $166,800 worth of shares in Q2 2023. When the captains aren’t abandoning ship, it’s usually a good sign.

The Final Measurement

As we wrap up our 3D tour of FARO’s world, one thing’s clear, this is no ordinary company story. It’s a high-tech cliffhanger with billions of dollars and cutting-edge technology at stake. Here’s what to keep your 3D glasses focused on:

  1. Cash Countdown: With a $50 million annual burn rate, FARO’s current cash stash gives them less than two years before they need to refuel. Will they find an oasis or face a cash desert?
  1. Revenue Rollercoaster: Keep your eyes peeled for any signs of sales stabilizing or, dare we hope, growing in the coming quarters.
  1. Recurring Revenue Renaissance: If FARO can pump up those software and service numbers, they might just find their rhythm again.
  1. Restructuring Results: Will all this corporate belt-tightening lead to a leaner, meaner FARO, or just a smaller one?

For investors, FARO is like a mystery box on a game show. It could contain a golden ticket to tech riches, or it might be full of packing peanuts. The company’s got the brains and the tech to make a comeback, but they’re racing against the clock in a rapidly changing industry.

One thing’s for sure – the next chapter of FARO’s story will be one to watch. Will they reclaim their 3D crown, or will they be relegated to the tech history books? Only time – and some very precise measurements – will tell.

So, what do you think? Is FARO set to flop or flip? In the wild world of tech investing, sometimes the most precise measurements are the ones we take with our gut. Stay tuned, tech enthusiasts and brave investors – this 3D drama is far from over!

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