Cheat Code Trading Academy

Unlock Freedom, Security and Financial Control.

Learn financial literacy in a fun and supportive environment

Introducing Cheat Code Academy...

Cheat Code provides a holistic investment experience for anyone looking to learn all things trading and investing. We do this by providing products that make financial education easy.
This Academy was built for you to learn about the 4 MAJOR Investment Types: Stocks & Options, Forex, Futures, & Crypto. Starting first with Stocks & Options, then Forex, Futures and finally top it all off with the future of money: Crypto.

Each Quarter, members will learn about a new investment/trade vehicle. Each 12-week course will take you through 3 levels each lasting 4 weeks: Beginner, Intermediate, & Advanced to turn you into one of our Top Performing Cheaters!

"The most important investment you can make is in yourself.”
Warren Buffett
Stock Investor

We teach beginner, intermediate, and advanced strategies on how to succeed with two of the most profitable trading strategies in the world. 

From currency pairs, fundamental terms, and proper risk management protocol, we teach our students how to master the Forex trading game one step at a time.

Discover how to set up and close the deal on lucrative contracts, and leverage advanced trading tactics and tools to generate breakthrough profits. 

Stay ahead of the cryptocurrency curve with masterclasses on mining, blockchain, NFT, The Metaverse, and much more. 

What Makes the Cheat Code Different?

If you haven’t grown up with privilege or been spoon-fed your entire life, it’s easy to get forgotten, left behind, and tossed to the side. But we’re here to put a stop to that once and for all… 

You’ve stumbled onto a community of like-minded individuals who are ready to help you achieve breakthrough success. If you’re fed up with feeling stuck, overlooked, dismissed, and pushed to the side – you’re not alone. 

Our Cheat Code family will become your second family. We’ve created a safe space for aspiring investors to connect and feel inspired, excited, and heard.

No questions are off-limits or considered “stupid”, and nobody gets shut down, cut off, or left out…

The Cheat Code is Built on 4 Fundamentals
  1. Community: Our community is based on mutual interest and respect.
  2. Inclusivity: We welcome all genders, races, and religions with open arms.
  3. Spirit: Community spirit, ambition, and drive connect us to each other.
  4. Culture: We champion a culture that is supportive, inspiring, and empowering.
Who Can Join The Cheat Code?

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a lot of money to invest… 

Or if you’ve never been offered the privilege of financial education before today… 

The Cheat Code is an open door to people of all genders, races, and backgrounds who are hyped, hungry, and obsessed with cracking the code to wealth. 

Every Program Includes:




One Program

$ 4000 /annual

Get all of the Member Benefits and Member Perks! Get started as a beginner and graduated as an expert in One Program of Your Choice.

ALL-IN - Four Programs

$ 2600 /4Months

Get all of the Member Benefits and Member Perks! Get started as a beginner and graduated as an expert by learning a new skillset every quarter.


$ 9997 /Annual

Get all of the Member Benefits and Member Perks! Get started as a beginner and graduated as an expert in Four Programs and Skillsets from our Best Traders and Instructors.