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Meet Jehu and Kway.
The founders of Cheat Code Algo, Cheat Code Community and Cheat Code Academy.

Our cutting-edge trading software accurately predicts when to buy & sell stocks, options, forex and futures.


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Reach new levels of financial success by finally understanding how to make your money work for you in the Stocks Market, Forex Market, Futures Market, Crypto Market with this exclusive ALL-IN program.

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Wassup!! I been in this group a little over a month and already feel like I've been maximizing my potential. I originally.


I love the "Vibe" of this group, the Admin Crew is top-notch! They have all been ridiculously helpful and patient. It speaks.


Worth every penny! I got the full 12month academy bundle. I was nervous to make the investment because It's the most I've.


I joined about a month ago and in this short time I have come to understand more than I have on my.


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